The company provides a completely anonymous reporting system to allow anyone who has come into contact with Clerprem S.p.a., or any body representing it, to report any misconduct in violation of the company policies available at the following link:  Company policies.

The reporting platform is managed in order to ensure the total integrity of the information communicated through it, as well as the protection and anonymity of whistleblowers (internal or external to the company) and the commitment that there will be no retaliation against whistleblowers.

Any report will be sent to a management team whose independence of action is guaranteed, and which will ensure that any misconduct is thoroughly investigated and brought to light.

Reports can be received through the channel available at the following link: Grievance Mechanism

Through the same platform, it is also possible to monitor the status of the report made and any responses from Clerprem S.p.a.

Our Grievance Mechanism is NOT an Emergency Service:

Our grievance mechanism cannot be considered an emergency service and shall therefore not be used to report situations that represent an immediate threat to people or property, it shall also be taken into account that response times may not be immediate.

Moreover, the platform cannot be used as an alternative in the case of facts that should be directly reported to the competent authorities, nor as a replacement for the ordinary corporate communication channels but it is available in addition to them.