New Solar Panels-Investing in clean energy

new solar panels for Clerprem

Increasingly sensitive to the impact caused on the environment in which it operates, Clerprem is taking a step towards his commitment by improving and developing a concrete path in sustainability, stating the same effort in the corporate “Environmental Policy” which has been recently updated.

Over this three-year period, from 2020 to 2023, the company has engaged in several projects which can be all gathered and considered as part of a more broad and general commitment on sustainable innovation.

By achieving the ISO 14001 Certification some guidelines have been established to settle out an environmental management system (EMS) based on an internationally recognized and certified control standard. This framework provides notions for a continuous quality improvement of the system. This is done by organizing each process step by step.

Communication is central and it allows Clerprem to be considered by its stakeholders (customers and business partners) as a strongly committed company.

Towards greener Clerprem

The effort that the company is constantly placing on environmental protection has been further renewed. The recent decision giving the go-ahead to the installation of new photovoltaic panels is a clear example.

This project will enable the company to produce its own electricity. A percentage of this energy will be dedicated to self-consumption, about 83% (1,250,000 kWh annually), and the percentage of energy that will not be used will be released as surplus, about 17% (250,000 kWh annually).

This will be an innovation that would require a quite important investment, the one that Clerprem has decided to adopt to concretize its “Commitment to Sustainability.” The idea aims at ensuring a proper environmentally friendly production process, and in general a good conduct for all those company’s activities related to these processes. As a result, value will be created both for the environment and all of the stakeholders involved.

All three plants in Italy are involved in the implementation of photovoltaic panels: Carrè, Atessa and Cumiana. More in details, 2,448 panels will be installed in the headquarters in Carrè (1,300 kWp of power), then 953 panels will be implemented in Atessa (with 420 kWp of power), and 864 panels in Cumiana (453 kWp of power).

On a practical level, this project will result in significant reductions in tons of CO2 released in the atmosphere and TOE saved (i.e., tons of oil equivalent). This increased attention on CO2 and TOE emissions stems from Clerprem’s desire to reduce the impact of the company’s production processes.

The largest investment will be made in the headquarters in Carrè, which will derive a total of 1,450,000 kWh annually from this project, avoiding 350 tons of CO2 and 265 toe. It follows the investment in Atessa, with an annual output of 540,000 kWh, in turn avoiding 130 tons of CO2 and 100 toe. At last, but not least, there is the investment made in Cumiana (Piedmont) plant, which will be able to produce 460,000 kWh annually, and will avoid 110 tons of CO2 and 85 toe.


The sum of these implications will allow the company to grow and to be considered as a committed company for real. Innovation and sustainability will improve production, without destabilizing any of the processes involved

Stability and clean energy will be two key points for electricity. Clerprem wants to be an example for others, and it is through actions like those described that the company will address its effort for a sustainable change.