Sofia Mele – Railway Key Account Manager

1) What’s your job?

I like to say that I sell train seats, but my job is much more than that: in order to prepare an offer, I have to analyze costs and industrial feasibility, so sinergy among other departments is fundamental. Personally, I manage our customers’ commercial relations both for on-going and new projects.

2) What are the challenges that you face every day?

As a sales rapresentative, the main challenge is to acquire new clients and new projects. On a daily basis, I try to balance urgent activities and important ones. It is fundamental to prioritize long and short term tasks while guaranteeing puctuality and quality. All of this requires great effort in coordinating different departments with different timelines while trying to reach our main objectives.

3) If you could give your younger self a piece of advice, what would it be?

Humanistic education is never a limit, indeed it can become a great added value, especially in a world where technical competences seem more appreciated. Investing in your passions is never a waste of time.

Sofia Mele