On the occasion of PMIDay, we were delighted to have students from two classes of the ITT G. Chilesotti of Thiene visit us on Friday 18th November.
In collaboration with @confindustriavicenza, the students had the opportunity to get up close and personal with what the working world is really like: they were welcomed by our team and visited the various departments of the company, where they had the chance to talk to some of the Group’s department heads and managers.

PMIDay, the ‘National Day of Small and Medium Enterprises’ open to schools, is intended to be a moment to learn about the productive reality of companies, the opportunities they can offer, and their daily commitment to growth. It is worth emphasising how these have substantially renewed and changed in recent years, and how the people working in these organisations are more professionally prepared and involved in all stages of a process that is nowadays mostly automated and digitised.

Each year the event focuses on a specific theme. This year the focus was on beauty, a typical characteristic of what is Made in Italy and which our products enhance and exalt. The world recognises the quality and manufacturing excellence of our province, confirmed by the export percentages that see Vicenza at the top of national and European export values.
A very important topic this year was also energy, because, taking a look at one of the problems that businesses experience on a daily basis, without energy you cannot have beauty.

The Small Business Committee wanted to make some simple gadgets that recall the energy theme and that can be used, during the visit, to stimulate the young people to consider energy for what it is: a rare and exhaustible good, of important (and growing) economic value, of essential significance for any activity, whether productive or individual.

For them, too, without energy you cannot live, you cannot fulfil dreams, you cannot share. The invitation that can be addressed to students, for general reflection, is to respect it, to cultivate it with love and to put it into every action that involves them: study, sport, work, family, friends or society.
Finally, being able to interface with students is always very important to us in the Clerprem team. This contributes to the fruition of fresh and creative ideas. Young people are one of our priorities, which is why we often involve institutes such as ITT G. Chilesotti, to help them get closer to the world of work with internships and other opportunities.