A show at the Municipal Theatre for employees by Clerprem

A theatre show to talk to its employees about health and safety at work.

It was proposed by the Carrè-based company Clerprem, leader in the production of components for luxury cars and railway carriages, which in recent days decided to give its employees an evening at the theatre, financing the show. “How long does a second last? Don’t mess with safety’ staged at the Comunale.
The show, realised within the framework of the protocol signed by Confindustria Vicenza together with other public bodies and associations in the area under the coordination of the prefecture, is now taking its first steps in the direction for which it was conceived, i.e. in the world of work and business.

Clerprem immediately seized the opportunity to use a new form of communication to raise awareness of a vitally important issue. The play saw Gianluigi Meggiorin and Paolo Piludu perform on the Thiene stage. They reminded the audience that Italy is a Republic founded on work, which spends around 50 billion Euros every year on education, information, training, prevention, inspection, investigation, protection, healing and compensation for everything related to occupational health and safety.

Despite all this, in 2021 there were 555,236 accidents reported to Inail, 55,288 occupational diseases and 1,221 deaths. Eighty per cent of the causes of accidents at work are attributable to the human factor: and it is precisely on this 80 per cent that Meggiorin’s sixty-minute monologue, accompanied and supported by Piludu’s mimicry skills, unfolded.

The protagonists, grappling with the basic rules of health and safety, offered moments of analysis and reflection, based on some direct experiences gathered from workers, employers, prevention and protection service managers, workers’ safety representatives and from news reports. [1]

[1] 25.11.2022, Il Giornale di Vicenza, Sicurezza sul lavoro:la sua importanza spiegata a teatro