Elisa Mogentale – Engineer

Elisa Mogentale

1) When you were little, what did you want to be as a grown up?

When I was little I never had a clear idea of what I wanted to be: one day It was an astronaut, one day an explorer and others a volleyball player. With time, I developed a strong passion for science and maths and I understood that the technical/mathematical field, the rational “squared” ones where for me. For this reason, I decided to study engineering.

2) How do you combine your passions with your job?
Often being able to make one’s passion into one’s job is something very difficult, few succeed.
I try to put into my job the same commitment with which I cultivate my passions, such as consistency and commitment, taking on new challenges with enthusiasm.
However, I believe that work and passions can go hand by hand: balancing your job with activities that make us feel good, can make us achieve a perfect balance, so that we can face our job with more energy and positivity.
3) Do you still have some dreams in the drawer?
My dream, right now, is to continue learning and growing, exploring different areas.
Getting out of the comfort zone is always something that scares you, but I want to keep moving forward not stopping on things I already know or do. I want to end each day knowing that I have added a small piece in terms of experience.
Elisa Mogentale