15W- wireless charger

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A brand new innovation for our Train Passenger Seats: 15 W Wireless Chargers 

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, every moment counts, especially for commuters navigating busy schedules and packed trains. Recognizing the need for seamless connectivity and convenience, Clerprem is embracing innovative solutions to enhance the passenger experience with 15W wireless charger integrated into the central console of the passenger seats.
Elevating the Commuter Experience: Seamless Integration and Accessibility

While traditional wireless chargers offer outputs around 5W, the 15W wireless chargers installed on train seats represent a significant leap forward in charging technology. By tripling the power output, these chargers drastically reduce the time it takes to recharge devices, ensuring that commuters can stay powered up and connected throughout their journey. Whether it’s topping up a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, passengers can enjoy fast and efficient charging without the need for bulky power banks or searching for elusive power outlets.

Relax on your trip speeding up your charger efficency 

One of the key advantages of integrating wireless chargers into train passenger seats is the seamless integration and accessibility they provide. With charging pads conveniently located within arm’s reach, passengers can effortlessly charge their devices without disrupting their journey. Whether it’s a brief commute or a longer trip, passengers can stay connected and productive without the inconvenience of hunting for power sources or juggling cables. Gone are the days of contending with limited battery life or the anxiety of a dead device. Instead, commuters can relax and enjoy their journey on Clerprem seats knowing that their devices are being charged efficiently.

Enjoy commuting 

In conclusion, the integration of 15W wireless chargers into train passenger seats represents a significant advancement in commuter technology, offering unparalleled speed, convenience, and efficiency. As Clerprem continues to prioritize passenger comfort and satisfaction, wireless chargers pave the way for a future where commuting is not only efficient but also enjoyable.