Davide Pedersini-key account manager railway

Good morning, I am Davide Pedersini.

  • How long have you been working at Clerprem? How has your career evolved?

I’ve been working at Clerprem since January 2010 so fortunately I can easily keep track, my basic position hasn’t changed much as I already joined as commercial manager of the Railways division. However, the evolution of my office itself has changed a lot over time giving me the opportunity to evolve in management and skills to acquire. In addition, the company has given me a lot of trust over time by letting me manage a few customers and various projects.

  • What do you currently do and how has your role changed over the years?

My current role is Key Account Manager, I work in a team with 7 other people. When I joined Clerprem we were 3. Thanks to the evolution of the market from the countries of France and Germany that we had at the beginning to Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, the USA, Canada and Mexico, we have structured over time an office that is adequate to cover all markets, while still maintaining a dynamic office that is open to maximum collaboration within it.

  • What would you recommend to a young person aspiring to reach the position you currently hold?

Nowadays it is no longer the individual who makes the difference, nowadays if you don’t work as a team you struggle to achieve results, making a difference for the team by collaborating and helping each other to achieve a common goal I think is the quality that has made us achieve these results. The absolute importance and understanding that each of us is responsible for creating a healthy and positive environment in the office, which is important for the enjoyment of being in the office.

  • What are you most passionate about in your work?

We create a product that perfectly reconciles a technical-quality requirement with innovative design. Being able to realise a product with added value by realising the customer’s wish, are factors that stimulate me to always glimpse new horizons.