A new feature for high-end trains

A new seating solution has been developed by our company’s in-house R&D team. Called the “Smart Seat”, it has innovations and features that make it a new product with a lot of potential that the Clerprem company will add to its offer.

A project that has been underway for more than a year, which has involved a group of engineers in the creation of a seat designed for the carriages of high-end trains. In fact, it has specific features and new features that are perfectly in line with the needs of a category of customers accustomed to high-level quality and comfort.

Electrical seat regulation to increase comfort

The difference lies in the modulation of the seat, autonomous and completely electric. Designed for high-speed and long-distance trains, it completes a space that is not only comfortable but also in line with the high expectations of passengers.

The primary requirement is precisely the comfort of the experience on the train, with particular attention to the stay and the services offered. In addition to the movement of the backrest, much wider than the standard ones, one of the characteristics to highlight, and for which it is defined as an “intelligent seat”, is precisely that of the integrated electric motor.

In fact, it features touch-sensing keys that activate different movements depending on the touch. This action allows you to find the desired seat with a simplicity that the mechanical movement of other seats does not allow. In fact, thanks to the micro-adjustments made possible by the electric actuator, each passenger has the option of adjusting the seat to the position they prefer, thus achieving a higher level of comfort than a seat with traditional movement.

The keys present in it have not been designed as external or protruding levers, but have been inserted on a touch surface (also called capacitive touch), which guarantees their pleasant touch. The tilting travel controls were designed and subsequently positioned in the center of the console so as to facilitate their accessibility and avoid, albeit partially, the risk of breakage and the consequent protection of the life span of the product itself.

Sustainability facts

A train with these specific characteristics is certainly equipped and suitable to guarantee the maximum possible comfort to the final customer, i.e. the traveler who will have to travel medium-long distances and who will find the comfort he deserves in this “intelligent seat”.

Another factor analyzed was that of the environmental impact. Starting from materials that are up to 50% recyclable, then moving on to a reduction in the weight of the seat itself to reduce CO2 emissions, ending up with the use of anti-scratch fabrics designed to have as few spare parts as possible. It is a set of particularities and tricks that make the comfort of the final seat uncommon.

It is a seating system that meets the needs of the traveler in the best possible way. An idea that thanks to the collaboration and transversality of the collaborators of the various departments has allowed to give life to this project.