How we value differences

One of a kind – a progressive strategy

Such a great achievement for Clerprem plant in Carrè: gender equality certification 

In December 2023, after a procedure lasted 6 month, Clerprem achieved its gender equality certification; Clerprem is an example at local and national level, on such a matter, of its progressive strategy . With the aim of building an inclusive workspace that values all diversity of our resources, the Clerprem management team worked to certify the company through the CSQA commissioning body, in cooperation with Iqunet, Accredia and UNi.

What we have always believed in

Clerprem has always been very pre-positive and innovative on many aspects related to the business model applied to guide the industry. The board of directors has always made major efforts to prioritize the wellbeing, workplace improvements and safety of the company internal resources. With the aim of building a work culture based on valuing differences and inclusion, the company has recently committed itself to the implementation of work policies based on gender equality.

Women are our majority workforce

After more than 50 years in the automotive and railway industry, on the contrary to what one might think and stereotyping the field of interest related to cars and public transport, Clerprem’s workforce is mostly composed of ladies and girls of all ages and nationalities. The internal resources are, in fact, 60% women and among them 40% hold managerial positions.
“I believe that the way women work in our company is very often more precise and more detailed; our ladies are very diligent and pay attention to detail which is a great competitive advantage for the type of business” says Mr. Marchesi.

A culture carried on between different generation and developed over the years that differs from its peers within this industry sector.

Our policies details

Equality in recruitment and career advancement
Clerprem has developed an open and see-through recruitment method that guarantees equal opportunities for candidates of all genders and nationalities. The company is committed to recreating a climate that values diversity at all levels, from junior to management positions, by establishing merit and commitment as a measure of career advancement.

Equal pay
To address the issue of the ‘gender pay gap’, Clerprem has developed a structure for the pay method that is committed to equal pay for equal work and does not differentiate between man and women.

Work flexibility
Recognising work-life balance as fundamental, the company is committed to providing more flexible working hours to meet the needs of its workforce; it also strives to provide paid parenting leave and to facilitate return to the workplace following maternity leaves.

Career development and progression
The management team cares about developing its resources by offering professional training and career development courses with the aim of enhancing the qualities of each individual resource in his or her career path. The company is committed to offer the same opportunities without discrimination based on gender, age or nationality.

Company climate
The company cares about the working climate and is therefore committed to limiting any kind of inappropriate behaviour. It is also vital that all the voices of our staff have a space to be heard and a safe space to talk, which is why a figure such as the Company psychologist has been hired.

set an example

The achievement of the gender equality policy certification is a major milestone for Clerprem, in Italy.  Prioritizing gender equality has the result of strengthening the culture of equality within the company, but also sets an example for the acceptance of this practice for other types of business. In building a company culture base on recognizing and valuing differences, Clerprem has created an example to demonstrate the positive impact of such practice and to determinate the company success.