Innotrans 2022 Transportation Trade Show

Berlin was a success

It’s been a month since the moment we landed back from Berlin.
After 4 years we were finally able to attend Innotrans.

As we look back and read the numbers, the show speaks for itself:

2,834 exhibitors from 56 countries | 42 exhibition halls | 124 vehicles and exhibits on the Outdoor Display and track areas | 250 world premieres

From September, 20th and for the following four days, we were able to showcase our newliest seating systems to the world. Notably, the result was not only interesting, but also a learning experience: being surrounded by so many exhibitors gave us the chance to come up with inspiring ideas for the future. Needless to  say – it was wonderful getting to meet our partners in person.

Being given more time to create an experience for our visitors, in 2022 our seats were designed in the name of purity and authenticity. We displayed marble details and champagne-colored structures.

Here some pictures that we would like to share with you.

what Inspired us

The collection of 2022 seating systems presented at the fair was designed and engineered by our internal experts, a team that involved more than one department, that worked finely together to create this elegant line.

Inside the convention center you could find a stand that peaked out even between the others.

The white mesh walls of the stand created a suggestive see-through effect that captured the attention of the public. The illusive walls intrigued people to discover what was inside. Screen-printed plexiglass sheets were hung lined up inside the stand to introduce you at the show, on them were represented the seat’s images brought to the fair. Below, framing the QR code, it was possible to access the technical details of the various seating systems.

We have favored this light and shadow effect given by the transparent see-through effects of the images to reconnect also with the same box stand, we wanted to maintain the typical Clerprem look “less is more” clean, fine, and elegant lines throughout the whole experience inside and out the stand.
Inside this clean and light casing, we chose to juxtapose some distinguish colors such as black and gold, our ’22 theme’s colors, meaning luxury and modernity. After a long process of colors selection, we opted for this deco but modern duo. To highlight the classic and elegant style, we added white marble details.

Tray tables, coat hanger, handles and smart device holder (new accessory added to our first class coaches seats) were crafted with this particular marble print.

Moreover, it was essential for us to support nature as well. In particular, the emphasis was on the world of bees, underlined by the hexagonal shape,
creating a natural tridimensional look
which is also a symbol of perfection.

The quality can be detected not only in the outward appearance of this line of seats and its minimal lines, but also in the choice of brighter and stronger materials, which make the train lighter.

The processes and technologies available for these shells are the most advanced. Indeed, they have recently been developed by our engineering team to provide extra comfort at your fingertips. 

These are the ideas that our designers developed to create the unmistakable series of seats signed by Clerprem.

In short, an unforgettable series of carriages that not only make any kind of traveler dream, but also ensure safety and comfort on every journey.


Nowadays the sustainable solution is not an option. Therefore, we devoted much attention to finding materials suitable for the project that, when applied to the seating system, would enhance its positive aspects.
Indeed, green mobility is a design vision, a forma mentis, in which everything designed is guaranteed to challenge the product life cycle. The materials employed in this project were carefully chosen to last and be reused once the life of the object is over. We have favored, for example, aluminum for its lightweight and reusable characteristics or recycled polyester fibers for upholstery.


A train equipped with automatic seats is sure to provide the greatest possible comfort for the passenger: the traveler who has to travel medium to long distances will find in this “smart seat” the comfort he or she deserves. 

As mentioned above, the seat in question is designed for Business and Premium class coaches, where comfort is the star of the ride. Moreover, since the central role to our interior standards in this design is sustainability, the materials used were up to 50 percent recyclable. Our engineers worked to enable weight reduction to reduce CO2 emissions, and finally, as a third sustainable innovation, they used splinter-resistant fabrics designed to have as few spares as possible.

These features and details make the seat unique in the market. An idea that, thanks to the collaboration and transversality between the different departments of Clerprem, made this project an innovative solution.

A excellent team was there to support the whole showcase, to attend clients and to gain new partnership. Mr. Marchesi, ceo of the group, was there as well to attend customers and to present this unforgettable series of seats carriages signed by ClerpremOur booth eneded up being very authentic and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store for 2024.

Needless to say, Clerprem is a company constantly striving to ensure an environment in which ideas can grow and mark a piece of innovation history in rail industry components.