INNOTRANS – From 2000 to 2022

Innotrans 2022

InnoTrans, after a long stop, we will finally return to Berlin in September 2022.

We will be exhibiting our latest products and innovations this fall and can’t wait to be able to interact face to face with our partners- It’s been a long time since when we had a chance to do so.

As we wait to unveil this year’s design for our seating systems – here is a recap of the past editions we took part in. Every time, we try to create a unique look for our products: we like to provide new materials and combinations to bring more emphasis among our booth.

Look at how much we’ve changed and evolved since our first presence in 2000: trends might have become different but our interest and passion for this sector keeps on evolving!

InnoTrans 2000

This was our first time at the exhibition – more than 20 years ago.
Our booth wanted to introduce us to the market: we displayed our official colors: blue, white and grey.

InnoTrans 2002

In just a couple of years we were able to widen our offer on the market and opted for a brighter blue to showcase our products.

InnoTrans 2006

Less is more. This year the main idea was to emphasize the minimality in our style.
The floor was given a dramatic look by adding some lamps on the background and highlighting the simplicity of our company logo.

InnoTrans 2008

Higher ceiling and white as a color statement. This year we almost kept our booth tone on tone. We opted for a light grey for our seats in order to remain in the same pallette as the entire booth. The goal was to not overshow: the peculiarity of each seat was very visible to the eyes of an accurate guest.

InnoTrans 2010

With the new decade came also innovation. We showcased a brand new booth that intrigued many of our visitors. Hot pink was the color of the velved we chose for our seating systems.

InnoTrans 2014

Back to the origin with our signature blue. Actually – this is a much more vivid version. The choice was made to brighten our booth and give it a strong contrast. Blue is our signature and we wanted to give our guests a strong impact as they walked inside.

InnoTrans 2016

Croco feeling. We played with a fabric that is very unusual and completely out of context in the railway industry. A design evolution that combined different sectors under the same roof. Today, these seats welcome our guests in the showroom of our HQs and never fail to impress.

InnoTrans 2018

Blooming flowers. This year our seating systems blossomed. Our cutting and sewing department did an incredible job by trying to upholster our seats and make them look like beautiful flowers in a garden. Each seat was the main character of its own fairy-tale, illuminated by a light cone that gave them such a theatrical aspect.

Any idea of what our plans for 2022 are? Stay tuned – we are working on our design as you’re reading this article. We’ll keep you posted.