Smart Armrest-Future First


Exclusivity and technology are two aspects that characterize all innovations of the entire Clerprem group. Specialized in the creation of high-end products, the company is also very careful to guarantee its customers the best solutions on the market.

Thanks to many years of experience acquired in the development of auto components for some of the most prestigious brands on the market, Clerprem has built a solid know-how and a strong inclination towards product innovation; features much appreciated by top-of-the-range sellers who rely on Clerprem and a real competitive advantage for the company.

The investments aimed at the implementation of innovative technologies, not only within the finished products, but also in the production processes and, last but not least, in the systems aimed to guarantee the quality of the products, has allowed the company to maintain high standards both on the industrialization of the product, and on the efficiency and reliability of production processes.


The awareness of its strengths and the desire to amaze its customers have led Clerprem to take a big step forward by presenting the first fully branded product, the Future First armrest.

The idea, born internally, took shape thanks to the proactive approach and continuous research of the various company departments as well as the synergy at the basis of the teamwork carried out.

The intention was, and still remains, to enhance the offer to our customers more and more, not only stopping at the purely industrial aspect of the project, but developing and proposing innovative ideas at the same time.

Clerprem’s goal is to write a piece of history in the automotive sector looking to the future and trying to satisfy a request that is increasingly oriented towards two key aspects: simplicity and intuition.

The prototype, designed primarily for high-end cars, both sports and sedans, has already been subjected to analysis by some of the most important manufacturers of luxury cars, garnering great interest.


A first important phase, during which market trends, aesthetic requirements, ergonomics, and engineering aspects were analyzed, made it possible, thanks to the team work carried out by the Clerprem engineering team and a group of students from the design institute ” Polo Michelangelo Design ”in Bologna, to define the aesthetic lines of the armrest and the type of functions to be implemented inside it.

The involvement of design experts meant that one of the primary objectives in the idealization phase of the project was precisely to satisfy the demands, including technological ones, of the new generations. Among the innovations introduced, the wireless charger for mobile phones and the introduction of the MMI (multimedia interface) stand out; a small control console mounted on the front of the armrest and designed to control the main multimedia devices connected or mounted in the car.

Both systems, directly integrated into the armrest, guarantee greater safety while driving and perfect ergonomics, guaranteeing the driver exceptional comfort, as also demonstrated by the very positive feedback following the presentations made to our customers.

The Future First armrest has special features that make it an avant-garde armrest. It is an eco-friendly product that requires an equivalent quantity of components much less than a standard armrest (from about 100 components to 40) reducing not only the total weight, but also the costs and production times.

Future First Armrest employs a new and simple technology, mainly wireless and touch-pad proposed by Taktotektenchology. These are intelligent touch-sensitive sensors capable of perceiving different types of touch (if prolonged or single) and consequently of activating different commands.

Another primary feature regarding  safety given by the particular shape of the cell phone compartment that is able to hold the phone placed in charge even in the event of a crash, preventing it from slipping out and coming out.


The inspiration came from shapes found in nature and careful research on design guided the entire phase of defining the style surfaces. The final armrest is a product with an aerodynamic shape that is well suited to the aesthetic lines used in the most modern cars.

Two types of armrests were then conceived and subsequently developed from the style surfaces: a first highly technological version called “Tokio” and a second more basic version called “Valencia”.

In particular, the Tokio model features more advanced technology and at the same time a higher cost and is therefore designed for high-end exclusive cars. The Valencia model, while maintaining the exclusivity of the shapes and the quality that distinguishes Clerprem products, on the other hand, thanks to the reduced number of multimedia devices on board, aims at a more standard target price that places it well in the mid-range car segment of which Clerprem is well-known manufacturer.

Among the characteristics that distinguish the armrest we find elegance and essentiality of the shapes, style and harmony, and finally comfort and lightness.

The Future First armrest is an armrest that for Clerprem means product innovation. A concrete innovation that aims to be the first example of corporate commitment and know-how.

This is a project that aims to give impetus to the next prototype armrest ideas for the cars of the future. New technologies and new applications accompanied by clean and linear designs, with a single great goal which is to compete to keep up with, and where possible, anticipate the demands of the sector and the end customer.