Smart Seat-New train seat project

smart seat

A new seat solution has been developed by our company’s in-house R&D team.  We called it the “Smart Seat” and it introduces some innovative features that makes it a grand new product full of potential that Clerprem has designed from scratch.

The project, developed for more than a year, has involved a group of our best engineers in the creation of a seat designed for high-speed trains. Therefore, it presents specificities and revolutionary features that are perfectly in line with the needs of those customers who are expecting a high level of quality and comfort.

This product represents a solution in a market where innovation is the key to stand out. The distinctive features  realized are the results of a detailed and rigorous study of the niche market carried out by our internal engineers’ team, with one great result realized in this new idea.

capacitive touch & electric motor, what you didn't know you need

The main difference lies in the modulation of the seat system, which is autonomous and fully electric.

Designed for high-speed and long-distance trains, it brings something new to the trains interiors which becomes not only comfortable but also in line with the high expectations of the most exigent passengers. Many of these trains also feature, among other things, extra and luxury services guaranteed precisely to those pertaining to pretentious categories.

These trains which connect different states and regions cover often very long distances. Consequently, the main requirement turns out to be precisely the train experience, with emphasis on the travel and the services offered.

The seating system was designed to fit standard-sized carriages, taking into consideration two lines: a first luxury Business series and a second Premium series. From the very beginning the target customer has been identified as the traveller who travels mainly for tourism or business.

Besides the backrest lifting which already outperform the movement of any traditional backrest, one of the strengths, and for which it is named as “Smart seat,” is its integrated electric motor.

The seat is provided with touch-sensing buttons that activate its different movements depending on the touch. This action allows the single traveller to find the desired seat system with an ease that the mechanical movement of other seats does not allow. Thanks to the micro-adjustments allowed by the electric actuator, each passenger has the ability to adjust the seat to the position he or she prefers, thus achieving a higher level of comfort.

The buttons are not designed as external or protruding levers, but rather they have been placed on a touch surface (also called capacitive touch), which is easier to be used and more pleasant to the touch.

The lifting controls were designed and subsequently placed in the centre of the console so as to facilitate their accessibility and avoid, partially, the risk of breakage and extend the life cycle of the product.


Now days finding more sustainable solution is not an option so we dedicated a lot of attention also in searching materials with those characteristics suitable to the project that once applied to the seat system would enhance its positive aspects.
Green mobility is a design vision, a kind of forma mentis, where everything designed is guaranteed to challenge the product life cycle. The materials used in this project were cautiously chosen to last over time and be reused once the life of the object will be over. For example we favored aluminum for its characteristics such as light-weight and reusability or recycled polyester fibers for the upholstery.


A train provided with automatic seats is certainly suitable to offer the highest possible comfort to the passenger. The traveller who will have to travel medium to long distances and who will find in this “smart seat” the comfort he/she deserves.

As previously mentioned, the seat in question was designed for Business and Premium class carriages, where the comfort is the main character of the trip. Another main role in this project is sustainability, fundamental in our internal standards. The materials used were up to 50 percent recyclable, then our engineers have worked to allow a reduction in the weight to reduce CO2 emissions, and then as third sustainable innovation, they have used antiscatch fabrics designed to have as few spares as possible.

These features and details make the seat unique on the market. An idea that, thanks to the collaboration and transversality between different departments in Clerprem, made this project an innovative solution.

Clerprem is a company constantly committed to ensuring an environment where ideas can grow and mark a piece of history of innovation in the railway industry components.